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Aion : Open Beta Ends, the Wait Begins

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The Aion Open Beta test ended this morning at 8AM CST, and with the doors now closed, the wait begins. The doors will open once again on September 18th for players eligible for the Pre-select program, which allows players to select their servers, reserve their names, and create their characters a full two days before the Head Start program begins. The Head Start program will then begin on the 20th, with the floodgates opening for the full launch two days later on the 22nd.

So how did the Open Beta go? From what we understand, much like Champions Online, even Aion couldn't escape Open Beta woes; with issues like widespread lag, login issues due to the authentication process, and a bevy of GameGuard errors cropping up.

A patch was released during the Open Beta program to address many of these issues and more, and as a result of the aforementioned problems the Open Beta was also extended six hours to 8AM CST this morning.

So now with the Open Beta over, how was your experience? Did you hit the level 30 cap during the test? What do you plan on playing, or doing to occupy your time between now and the game's imminent release? Let us know in the comments!