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Kill Star I See

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                                                                              Kill Star I See
   Aion kina will be used the following parts. It will refer to the next skill of killing Star PK use.
   let us sing sword fight, which provided that the sword should have a balance, or else a second-class disabled. Rapidly, after opening the drugs, and other states, it also opens buildup, and the sword fighting certainly has a catch-up process, you catch him or he catch you, PK should be as close as possible before the sword, a quick disappearance of the instant kill intends to maximize, jumps quickly chop, do not think twice, and only look at, in addition to silly fixed star in place so that you play, the best jump from the front, behind him, he turned to attack you when landing, try to know that there will be 80% chance to trigger evasive skills.
   Second, guard PK, First, the guardian of all skill is really abnormal, when you can not halo him and can not control him, the guardian of shield can halo you. Half-time of blood to a main god, in his blood more than you think you can see the dawn of time to win a double there, what kind of injury can be anti-skills.