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BOSS General Gong Lee

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                                                                     BOSS General Gong Lee
   Aion kina for me to say this is very important. Next, I would like to introduce is a common Gangue BOSS. This Gangue targeted a few days the most difficult family of world-class BOSS, as a mountain ducat, deputy army chief, black heart.
   1.The three main points to address the challenges of hatred,Hatred of three main points in the first phase, when no special skill set up, the general approach is to get the main T first pull 30 seconds to 1 minute of hatred, and then two auxiliary stations behind T in the BOSS triangular and grab hate. The reason is simple, take Mountain ducat crushing storm, for example, if the second and third were Modal hate to get that curse, the mountain ducat Modal square will be released into the storm smashed directly led to heavy casualties Modal nanny Mission destroy.
   Smashing storm is a group of small-scale attack, while the Triangle stations can guarantee that every mountain ducat only attacks to crush a T, does not appear a T eat two consecutive crushing situation, so as to reduce pressure on wet nurse.
   2.Random naming mechanism to address the challenges,the game is set in the environment settings. Open object select the object, to observe a target BOSS, BOSS, once a target is not a hatred of the three main objectives, then proceed to a BOSS, this BOSS Sheehan was tied to the side or a named object will not go places, so that BOSS will be killing one's own group to attack, and a quiet lie in terms of black and white TV on it. Soon as they are celebrity deaths, BOSS will be a considerable period of time will not be attacking others, and can only attack the main T.
   Some small details, BOSS fight should pay attention to responses, such as playing hearts, once the traction, then a large number of casualties, but also because the heart where the high-profile of the BUG, a lot of people use crystal can not be revived, which needs to be temporarily idle nurse to use, it will be dead and idle for a nanny to put a group, allowed to call, call when you should pay attention to stand in the open position, do not hire for the high-profile lead to BOSS from the following.