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Aion: Best MMO of 2009

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Aion has quickly become one of the most lauded new entries to the gaming industry last year, battling its way to the top and earning high honors from those within the industry. Everyone here at NCsoft would like to thank our talented development team, unwavering operations folks and most importantly our wonderful community. Our fans are what make this game great and we couldn't have had such a great year without you. We're looking forward to what great heights Aion will attain in 2010.


Best Persistent World Game

Aion was definitely one of the most hyped and anticipated MMOs of the year, but NCsoft still managed to deliver an experience that was very unique, combining inventive visuals with player-versus-player flying combat.



Best New Game of 2009

On the surface, Aion is one of the most graphically impressive MMORPGs created to date, sporting visuals that are thus far unmatched in the MMO genre. In creating Aion, the game's developers took existing concepts and conventions of gameplay and added interesting aspects like the game's flight system to give it its own flavor.


Best Subscription Game of the Year

Aion is very PvP focused. Balancing is always a challenge for any game, but even so, a flight through the Abyss and sieging PvP goals is rich, thrilling and rewarding. Fight enemy players on all three axes to get a truly unique PvP experience that will keep you logging in day after day.



Editor's Choice

Aion is a beautiful, well-polished, well-presented game that introduces a new combat mechanic in fantasy MMOs, fighting on wings.


Best New MMO

As far as beautiful MMORPGs go, Aion is also a powerhouse in its category, and if anyone has seen the "Aion Vision Trailer" to see where NCsoft hopes to one day take their budding MMO, then it's easy to understand just how graphically immersive Aion can really be.



Top 5 Games of 2009

...the scenery is beautiful, the storyline is compelling, and there are cut-scenes involving your character that pull you even further into believing that you're a genuine hero. Oh, and did I mention you eventually grow wings and get to fly?

-The Escapist


Gold Award

Overall this is one of the best MMORPGs I think I have ever had the privilege of playing with great graphics, intimate character creation, luscious landscapes and captivating gameplay this will offer great playing time for most gamers and will lure even the most dedicated alternate MMO game player over to the dark side of Aion, well if that is if you prefer that side of the cataclysm.

-Gamers Daily News


Favorite Online Game

The gorgeous vistas and entertaining worlds prove that Aion is more than World of Warcraft with wings. "Verticality" - fighting in three dimensions, mostly in elevation - is a new buzzword, and Aion has it in spades.

-Columbus Alive


PC Games - Award (Germany)

This monthly PC games magazine has a monthly circulation of around 100,000 copies and is the #2 magazine for core gamers in Germany. They most recently awarded us with their "Editor's Choice" in the category "Online RPG".