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The same storm hit

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aion gold in some place can increase heaven hit, this time you will find that one handed sword heaven hit has the same energy to hands weapons heaven hit. Although players use difficult ways to fight, but have same power. The game gold plays an important part in the game, you will it is very useful, and than we need make full use of it.
We have tested this game for sever days, using one handed weapon comparing with hands arms, and you will find it has same heaven hit. You can continue to read this introduction, and you will find out a new way which decreases some energy to waste to fight in the game. Sword of the storm hit with the hands and arms of the storms hit the same, do not believe people can go to test. I get Halberd, open surprise attack, after one thousand nineteen, playing in a full set of husbands who, flat cut out the violent one thousand six hundred and sixty added, one thousand hundred and sixty added use a sharp blow gun attack may be increased. I have six hundred added pairs of holding attacks, also take the same person, all the test Flying to violence out of the calculation, the maximum harm to one thousand one hundred, the minimum harm to four hundred and sixty six, I want to just say this is heaven hit do? This is two point three times? White text is flying able to play four hundred or more, the maximum damage of six hundred added in white text.
There is now dual holders and their hands are basically the same, there is no strong or pairs of hands holding strong. Pairs of holding, you can card knife, his hands in a skill can only look at cards, as well as, mandatory binding energy ruined, all the physical skills of reading.