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Eye on Community 2010.01.08

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Shalom on server [GER]Lephar says:

"A lot of players are wondering about the future development of Aion. Since the Aion Vision Trailer we haven't heard anything."

We'll be adding a significant amount of content to Aion through several updates to the game this year. We realize that after watching something as exciting as the Aion Vision Trailer many people are expectantly looking for information about the future of the game.  We want to assure you that we strive to constantly provide game improvement and new content-and it will be coming throughout the year.

Our content writers here at NCsoft West have a huge task in front of them this year as a massive amount of new Aion features, capabilities, and content is on the way. Although we're not at a point where we can give you a timeframe on these updates, they're coming! Our most important goal is to make sure that there is plenty to do in the game. We're dedicated to taking in your feedback about the leveling process and end-game content, and through our partnership with and the inspiration of the Korean development team, channeling that input into improving Aion.

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Happy new year, everyone! I hope you all took some time bidding a good farewell to Santa Shugo this Wednesday when the cheerful Solorius Festival came to an end. This is our first Eye on Community this year, a year that's probably begun with shoveling out a driveway full of snow if you live in the northern hemisphere. Well, at least your Internet tubes didn't freeze yet!


In the light of recent phishing activities, we would like to accompany this community article with a serious request to each one of you reading. We have received reports of (and detected ourselves) an increased in the number of hacked accounts lately, as have other companies publish and run online games. To doubly thwart account hacking in advance in the near term, please change your Master Account and your Aion account password to different, distinctive, unique passwords that are also different passwords that are not passwords that you use elsewhere.

Welcome [CC]Faelan, European English Community Coordinator!
Our latest team addition deserves a special mention this week. Spread your arms out and give a massive welcome to [CC]Faelan, our new European English community coordinator. Head on over and give him a "Hi!"

Solorius Festival Competition Has Ended!
We hope you didn't miss us spreading some holiday spirit in the recent Solorius Festival video contest. The final submission date was this past Wednesday, and we're now diving into the ocean of replies that were sent to us. Enjoy spending time viewing the myriad of video replies we received. It sometimes amazes us just how creative you guys are!

How to Get Advanced Stigma Slots in Aion
Following the 1.5 version of Aion, players can now use up to eight Stigma slots. Catch this short article that explains just what you need to do if you want to unlock them all!

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