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You can see the ill effects in my sig which has it with showing

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Step 1-Set up - I am guessing you have aion gold already thought of by now what you want your signature to become. Maybe half swing Spin slash, Storms, Focus Shot or maybe just your character running in circles.

So we are going to need to capture that. For that we will need Fraps. After downloading and installing, you should open your fraps program and change your settings. This should open up:

From Here go to Movies: Okay, Here I think some settings should be changed around, Try to have the same settings as me, Because 15 fps is really enough, more than those many frames in a sig will make it really huge and possibly too big for a forum.

I chose No cursor option checked because you don’t want to have a cursor in your sig maybe. You can see the ill effects in my sig which has it with showing.

You can also change the place where you want to save your videos too, make it a hard rive with more free space, because these usually will take up many megabytes each.

You can also change your video capturing button, though F9 is fine for me. I also chose Full-Size, though Half-Size works.