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Prices advertised in game vary widely from what players are willing to pay aion kinah

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Use the Item Description area to completely aion kinah describe the item, including stats, and any other notes that pertain to the item, as well as any special contact information such as times you may be available to complete the trade.

DO NOT rely on pictures for your item description. If a potential buyer goes to view your item and the description says nothing but "See Picture" often times this will lead to a lost sale, especially given the current problems with images on the server that lead to many of them becoming broken.

Also be careful of fancy coloring and formatting in your descriptions as they can often be as much of a hindrance as a help.

Set your prices accordingly. Look to see what other comparable items are not only being starting priced at, but what prices are actually being bid for them.

Prices advertised in game often vary widely from what players are actually willing to pay, so just because you see someone selling an item in game for X, don't assume that is the value of the item. Nine times out of ten, that item will not be sold for that price.