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Write to spring

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                                                                   Write to spring
   The warm spring takes away the coldness of winter. Spring is a season which is worthy to be extolled. It is an enjoyable season, as if you hear of this word, you start to feel warm. This season will remind you of some moving and beautiful things and people.
   In life there are always some people and things, you thought you have forgotten, but if on certain midday, you sit on the balcony and enjoy a cup of coffee, seeing far will like watching films, every memory will emerge.
   It seems that there are always some things stay in your mind, perhaps just because of these memories, you will find life is so beautiful.
   Yesterday one of my best friends told me that she would get married after five months. To be honest I was really happy for her, because she met too many disappointments on the way to marriage. She also told me that she met her lover in the plane. Love, this kind of thing only comes out by accident.
   At this time I remind that once we got together to play online games, because at that period of time we had no jobs. We entered into the page of Aion and created an account, later we searched on the Internet to buy some aion kina. Although at period of time we had no enough money, but we still felt happy. I met a lot of friends in it. With my persistence I eventually could earn some aion online kina. I did not lose myself in this game and we decided to find jobs. We gave our aion gold to our friends in this game. This persistence helped me and I soon found a job. She went to abroad with her parents. We separated, although we once said that we would stay together. It sounds ridiculous. Usually every girl will meet a honey girlfriend in young age. I am so lucky to have her. In the new circumstance I started to miss my past time, miss her and miss these cheap aion kina. I also tried hard to adapt to the new environment. Although I did not buy aion kina now, but I still reminded of it in some time. More importantly is that they have recorded my cherished time.
   In this beautiful season, my feeling becomes very enjoyable. Although living in the metropolis, I still smell the odor of spring.