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Aion : Paragus on Aion

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Since my last article covering some of the basics of Aion at low level, I have had a chance to invest a bit more time in the Chinese version of the game. Having progressed far enough to see the Abyss finally, I wanted to take some time and give some updated impressions on my play experiences since I am a bit farther into the game.

The Grind

The first thing I want to touch on are my experiences with the grind in the game so far. From levels 1-20, I can say that I was pretty much able to quest through most of my levels. The campaign quests give a substantial amount of EXP over the standard quests, and there are some repeatable quests to help you through some of those areas where you do find yourself grinding to reach the next level after your quests are all completed.

Between the levels of 20-24, the grind starts to pick up more and more each level. The percentage of your levels EXP you are able to get through quests starts to gradually go down in this range for a few reasons. The first is that the amount of exp to reach the next levels ramps up pretty quickly, and secondly, some of the quest EXP rewards don't seem to be enough. The repeatable quests really don't reward to well either, as one requiring you to kill X amount of mobs, rewards you at turn in with amount of exp equal to killing 2 of those mobs. In the time it takes you to go turn them in, you could have kept killing and came out better off. As a result, I spent a lot of my time grinding in the jungle and desert in Eltnen. Once reaching 25 however, things seem to pick up a lot (I'll touch on this later).