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What do you know about elite skills?

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 Elite skills are special skills that help further define your class combinations. You will be able to get aion kinah every five levels, starting at level 15. A lot of the elite skills a rogue or priest gets could be compared to a shadow-spec priest. Both share vampiric type debuffs and damage-over-time spells. Listing all the combinations and resulting class types would fill a large article on its own, but if you read the community round up, you can see and play around with all the classes and their skills.
Once you have both classes, you will see general and class-specific skill tabs in your character window. Apart from elite skills gained through quests, all skills open up as you level, so no trips to a trainer are needed. Your primary class can use your secondary class general skills. When on my knight, I can use my priest’s general skills, and if I flip those classes, my priest will have access to my knight’s general skills. It’s really easy to understand when you are looking at your character.