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Team up to level as quickly as possible

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 There are two threads asking for above 25 level advice, both are filled with contradictions, and in some cases, deliberate attempts to mislead. Therefore, we are making this post to list our own recommendations to both of those original posters along with anyone else who has money in the future. These suggestions are based on maintaining a balance between earning potential and EXP gain. If you prefer to get rich, focus on easy to kill mobs that con green. If you prefer to level as quickly as possible, team up with two other people your own level and find any hunting ground with Strong monsters that con yellow or pink.
From 0-25, most of the available aion online gold quests are set up so that you will hunt the most consistent leveling mobs for your character. In addition to keeping you in the steady growth range, the quest reward is a nice bonus, even when it’s small. For that reason, we are using the quests as a cornerstone to this guide on leveling.
Run every quest you can find, run the repeatable quests more than once. If this is your first character on the server, take full advantage of the ability to use the equipment exchange option available through the Weapon shop.