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We are too naive

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                                                              We are too naive
   Sometimes we make a mistake. We should not have loved the person so easily. Sometimes I am also puzzled because I do not know how much time it will take to love a person. Half a month, only a few weeks or just only a few days. It should be some horrible if we love the person in the short time. After all we do not know each other well, and this kind of love is erratic to some degree. When we finally find it is not suitable to stay with the person, everything seemes to be late. Maybe at first, I should not accept his help and stay with him to enjoy aion kina in the online game.
   While I still accept his request.The first day I get online with him together, I feel some uneasy. After all I seldom touch the online game, even though I know it is popular at present, while I always think it is not suitable to me. But when he tells me the aion online kina is truly interesting on the internet, I go with him. If at that time, I refuse his requirement, the result may be to the opposite.
   Three months later, when we meet in the street, I just find he looks so strange to me. Even though he once said to me he loved me and even bought me much aion gold, while everything just went by. At this moment,we are seemed to be unfamiliar with each other. In the opinions of others, we never meet in the life, while it is not the truth. And the truth is that we once immersed ouselves in the love. How crazy it was at that time.
   While at this moment, there another girl is just standing besides him. It appears that she is so blissful. Because I always see the big smile on her face. When I see the same scene, I just remind of myself. How ridiculous it is. At that moment, I thought I find the true love in the real life, while as a matter of fact, we know nothing about the love. To some extent, we are naive and even consider any action as the signal of love. For example, if he would like to buy aion kina for me and he just do it without any hesitation, then I think he can do anything for me. While it is entirely supposed. We never know each other well. When we suddenly find we belong to the different kinds of groups, we finally made the choice to separate. It is inevitable.
   Then it is time to say goobye to the online game and cheap aion kina. We need time to know each other,and it is not wise to love the person in the short time.