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Aion: The Way of The Templar-Unfinished, will finish today.

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In this article, I will share with you my opinions about the Templar class and various other bits of information about how to be an effective tank in Aion as an Asmodian.

"My sword, by it shall darkness be purged. My shield, may the pure be protected. My armor, may it be a beacon to those which wish to do harm." -  The Code of The Holy Templar.

As a templar, you of course start out as a warrior as your base class. As you begin your Templar life in Ishalgen, you'll notice that you really don't do too much damage compared to a Mage, and you're not as fast as a Scout. This, to those that love high DPS, will somewhat make you feel a bit down. However, you have things that no other class can do as well. Your ability to use a shield properly allows you to take less damage, as long as you can block. You also have enough HP to make sure that you outlive your opponent. Your chain equipment proficiency will be your saving grace until you hit lv10 and fully become a Templar. My suggestion is that you farm a few lv3-4 monsters and get at least Shield of the Prarie and Sword of Fiend. This will give you the capability to deal out decent damage, and they're both Lv4 equipment so it won't be too incredibly hard to kill the mobs that drop them.

The basic skills you acquire at Lv3-5 allow you to both do some decent spike damage and to lower your enemy's defences to leave them more vulnerable to those spike damage skills. The most effective way to carry out your attack upon an enemy that may give you trouble is Weakening Severe Blow > Severe Strike > Resolute Strike. This will give you the most damage in the least amount of time. The defense debuff that the enemy receives will add about another 5-10 damage to your attack, which can be devastating to any mob below lv10.  At Lv7 you acquire a skill that is called Shouting. Shouting is a temporary defense buff which renders you invulnerable to any attack for 10 seconds. The restriction on it, is that once you are hit for 150 damage total, the buff wears off. As you level up, the restriction increases. This buff is a life-saver during some of the more "annoying" quests that make you fight a higher level named mob, such as the Black Opal quest.