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Upcoming game updates

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 As the game producer, one of my focus areas is to communicate frequently and honestly with you. Global coordination of a game as large as aion gold takes a lot of planning. They know that at times you may feel like you are wringing water out of a rock in regard to getting information from them, but they want to be cautious with telling you the correct information to not mislead the community.
They know you have all been waiting with bated breath for information on the next game update. While they can’t give you a lot of gold, I can tell you a couple of things that we are addressing in upcoming game updates. They have listened to your feedback and have been working diligently with the Korean development team, and they are proud to say that over the next few updates (the first of which will be coming in this year) they will address some of your major concerns: a desire for more content at lower levels, increased rewards for quests, and improved drop rates.