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Dash of the Daevas Winners Part 1

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"Business is goin' well, nyerk!"

Those were the word suttered by Ettanyerk, sponsor of the Dash of the Daevas event, when we approached him for the acquisition of a winners' list.  He continued to tell us that his expectations for the contest were more than met, and that all of the prizes at stake had been won already. However, he nyerked, some of the larger achievements still linger (e.g. the Divine Fortress). The race is not over just yet!


Shugos are known for their not-so-modest negotiation skills, and after promising him dinner, wine and a lift to the Abyss, he agreed to divulge the full list of objectives.


.   First Group to best Tahabata Pyrelord
.   First Group to defeat Unstable Triroan
.   First Group to defeat Lord Lannok
.   First Group to defeat Nochsana General
.   [HIDDEN] First Group to defeat Kromede kill
.   [HIDDEN] First Group to defeat Vile Judge Kromede kill
.   [HIDDEN] First Group to defeat QueenAlukina kill
.   [HIDDEN] First Group to defeat Bollvig Blackheart kill
.   [HIDDEN] First Group to defeat Commander Bakama kill
.   [HIDDEN] First to clear Steel Rake Middle
.   [HIDDEN] First to clear Steel RakeLower + Upper
Ettanyerk is not only a merchant; he is also a great sportsman (he played for the famous Shugo Sharks- a local football team - for a couple of seasons). Shugos throughout Atreia have been reporting epic battles across Asmodae and Eylsea.  Battles have raged so fiercely that many have commented such valor has not been seen since the Millennium War. Ettanyerk has decreed a reward for Valor for the second place faction in honor of such valiant courage and tenacity. The second place faction will be given a reward similar to the first prize for their efforts,but in a smaller quantity. Do note that there aren't any second place prizes for achievements other than faction achievements.

Winners will get an in-game mail shortly with their prizes attached. Please find the full list of winners in the forums.


Faction-wide rewards and their respective winners (Divine Fortress, Upper Abyss, Lower Abyss,Menotios) will be announced in a separate announcement.