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To look ahead

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                                                                       To look ahead
   Because we grow up day by day, it changed our need from the game, what we reach for is also changed. Once we just want fun and happy, then it became stimulate, aion kina and force, but now the friendship is want I need. Waiting for many games, losing much but what I get is few. But this time I will not choose the error game.
   I think the game might be card fees, it is what I hope, the free game, once the prop comes out, they will let you spend the money, and it is not good for the game balance. Our country suggests that we become rich together, why the game divides between rich and poor? How can we compare the players who buy aion kina with who play the game by use of the time and skills?
   We're getting closer and closer to Aion! In our real life, we also should come up with moment urn just like we get our aion online kina. Something to look forward to in this bleak, dreary, crappy-economy of a world. Finally! Not to mention that it's almost two days later, and I'm still feeling the food from Thanksgiving... And it's a good ugh!
   Lately I've been in high school mode. Narrowing down my college list, starting to dig into scholarships, semi-preparing for the SAT, and some other things are what have been on my agenda. I'm already tired and I haven't even been through the tiring part yet! The status of the Aion fanfic has sort of being sitting in limbo. But I've got to get in gear. I tend to have a hard time introducing major characters into a story. I don't want to rush through it, but I really want to get to the juicy parts of the plot!
   In the meantime, I've gone off course to work on a personal story again. This time it's about a bunch of art university students. I think there is more import to me to do, have a lot of aion gold might give me pride. The main character's a total asshole with a rough past who views society in a bad light, and the whole series focuses on her transformation as a person over her college years. I think it's really cool because I've never written anything like cheap aion kina ever before. It's refreshing to write in first person, as well.