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1st WOW Guild Went over to Aion

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June 4th, 2009

Now it's the beginning of a new anticipated game Aion. NCSoft recently invited the Ensidia, top-of-the line WOW guild to enter Aion(EU)'s Beta which will be launched the upcoming weekend.

Description of the contest

All you have to do to win one of the 50 keys is post a comment with the words "I want to play the Aion EU beta" until Thursday, June 4th 2009, 14:00 CET.

So we have seen the same reply on follow-up comment - "I want to play the Aion EU beta".

Updating! June 5th, 2009

When we check out the link, there have been 78 pages of replies as "I want to play the Aion EU Beta" on the board. How could the event be so hot in a forum of WOW guild! Aion's overwhelming in WOW players' mind surprise everyone. Though we know it's a boring question that "Will Aion beat WOW in future?", we are still curious about what's your choice at present.