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This needs to get sorted now!

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So, I've just had a badly worded email sent to me explaining that I should click on a link to account stealer because I've bought Kinah, wording as follows:

When you receive this message at the same time means that you have a routine account of our recent examination, was checking your account we have the evidence to prove that involved in the controversial game currency transaction so we had to take the necessary measures.
Please visit our web site  as soon as possible to activate your account or we will suspend your account.

Well, I haven't bought any kinah. I've excluded the url because it's a hijack site.

What I would like to know, and in particular what I would like NCSoft to address is:


How did my email address get targetted for this spam? I haven't used the same email account for any forums or anthing else to do with Aion.

Seriously, the only way I can think that it could have happened is because either someone in NCSoft is selling this information (but why bother? It would be just as easy to steal it outright), or the security at NCSoft is so poor that someone has hacked it, which begs the question: If the hackers have our email addresses then how long before they figure out how to just steal the accounts?

Please sort your security out! I don't spend cash and time on my internet security for you to screw me over by giving away my details.