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Gear Is Destroying Aion

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The gear available in this game is over powered, it is virtually killing Aion from inside.

As people level and some more come in, they are realizing how OP they can be before 50. Take for example a ranger in the full level 30 "Deva" set with the bow enchanted to +10 and a Godtone. Use the highest level consumables, mana stones and you have a rifter than can kill any one in his level range -heck even much higher- without the their being able to do much.

Before 50 "rifters" are twinking. Twinking is feeding currency and consumables to a lower lever character on the same account.

Twinking is cheating plain and simple.

This idea started in Everquest when a level 1 could be equipped with giant shiny weapons and armor making it invincible for anything in his level. When you do PvP it just becomes a huge mess.

World Of Warcraft realized how bad twinking and lockdowns -100% - 0% without being able to do much- are and added measures in place to curb them down.

Game balance in Aion is a joke before 50. The only reason this is an issue is that AION PROMOTES AND REWARDS PVP BEFORE 50.

If NCsoft promotes PvP in any level category it HAS AN OBLIGATION to balance the game for ALL LEVELS! Sounds impossible, well ask any developers and she will say it is indeed impossible.

The only other solution is make PvP 50 required. Actually, during rifts people should all wear the same standard green gear set.