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The skills for Sorcs of Aion

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aion kinah strives to offer the fastest and most reliable service on the web for all your gaming needs. Nowadays, there are so many online games, such as FFXI, Aion, 12sky2 and so forth. Are you like playing? Maybe your answer is yes. What I want to say is that Aion is a good game and it is worth playing. This time I will introduce you the DP skills for Sorcs of Aion, the information is provided by Tang man, thanks him for given us this precious description. Here is goes:
Good gear is like, 1100-1200 Mboost, so it is about another 30-50% Magical damage on top.
Many nukes are already 1sec cast that you use, I rather have them hit a lot harder, than be cast at 0.5 instead of 1.0.
Obviously the cast speed is nice for Flames of Hell being 2 is 4secs, but you still have a 25% Haste stigma that everyone gets, so the another 50% is nice.
And Hydro is really good ability for you, Severe Cold and 40% extra damage on them is juicy where cast speed will not matter. Curse tree is 1sec cast, I rather have 40% more dig on my slaughter combo to ensure a guaranteed kill, rather than speed again.
If focused getting your frost chain off at something scary on 1sec is 2 is extremely useful.
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