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Eye on Community 09.12.18

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"I've seen the argument floating around the forums that there are only 8 debuff slots available on an enemy/mob, which causes debuffs to be "pushed off" as new debuffs are applied during a fight. Is it true that there are only 8 debuff slots total, or are there more but we can only view the most recent 8 debuffs?"

We see this question a lot. The answer is simple, but the reasoning behind it is part of the complex design philosophy in Aion that adds overall difficulty to a fight and helps separate the strong from the weak in tactical play.

The Aion client only displays a total of eight debuffs. When more than eight debuffs are applied to a target, the oldest debuff is removed. This mechanic encourages strategic planning, and as a result, it increases combat difficulty.


Resurrection Guide at Aion MMORPG-Life

Adventure in Atreia isn't without a fair share of danger. Whether you're an Asmodian or an Elyos, you need to be prepared for the worst: death. To help you prepare, MMORPG-Life has prepared a guide that demonstrates the different ways you can resurrect yourself when you die.

Aion and Alienware Computer Giveaway at

Our friends at ZAM are at it again with another Aion Unidentified Flying Daevas Sweepstakes. This time they're after residents of the Great White North: Canada! That's right, this time around only residents of Canada can participate, and in doing so, reap the sweet, sweet rewards, including a brand new rig from Alienware.


The AionSource Solorius Festival Contest

Those nasty Shulack Pirates have kidnapped Solorius and are holding him aboard the Steel Rake. It's up to all Daevas, no matter what race or faction, to come together and create a rescue plan. Hurry over to Aion Source for more information about how to enter.

Aion Tower Launches Database

Aion Tower has been hard at work on a fully functional database with everything you could ever want to know about Aion.