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The patron saint

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aion gold is hard to be killed, and we can become this role, which is strong, no one can support and kill him. Last article I have told that becoming a patron saint is so hard, but useful, and we need gather energy to change for it. There is something shameful, and we need see it carefully, than we can go long road at this dangerous way, although we are rather clever.
This time you may want to know about the patron saint of evil race, they all want to kill men but in fact no one die in the fighting, because there is no vertigo three seconds guard evil race light of the trial of the skills. The character of evil race is darkness of the trial, half of the 700 to play 700 to restore the blood of patron saint. It is only one that out of a fatal hit 1400 on the restoration of 700. Poor evil race is limited, if they do not have this skill, but they will be killed by their enemies. You know this skill set did not kill people with strokes, maybe only God is strong as patron saint, and we need make full use of it. If we do not be killed in the game when fighting, we need protect our lives all the time. No one can refuse it, and we need life perfect.
After the 50 law enforcement cure is difficult to fight with the guard. Capture shield back, shields assault, the light of the trial of a new brand of stone, there are five skills to interrupt the blood increase, and you will be finished. Are you the days of family? If you are, please continue to adhere to guard. When you are tired in practice you will be shouted at, but the spring of 50 levels came, and we called the patron saint.