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Remove Banned Accounts

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I've noticed after talking to Ncsoft, and scrolling through the server records, that Ncsoft keeps all the banned accounts players, player names, info, ect. My only problem is that so far around 40,000-50,000 accounts have been banned. That is a lot of players who show up in searches, and server statistics ect ect. For example If I search for a lvl 40 Asmode, nearly 25%+ of will show up on my results, I will not know if they are active, or inactive due to the bans, thus have inaccurate numbers on who's who.

Also, with the server statistics it will say, for example 49 v 51 Elyos vs Asmode. If this is uncluding 10,000 banned Elyos accounts, and 1,000 banned Asmode accounts than obviously the ratio is not 49 v 51.

My problem is simply this, as the bannings continue, more and more accounts are going to be bought and banned again, in the future there will likely be hundreds of thousands of accounts banned, without people realizing that these accounts are banned, and will never be used again. This gives false information, and false statistics, plus it just makes the online searching and server information messy. I think that if Ncsoft bans an account, and is planning on sticking with their decision, which they seem 100% on doing, why not just erase all (Public) record of the account?

Also, I think about how many good names there are going to be used when 100,000+ names are banned, but still used on a server? People are going to be running around with names like "Brezefresh" and "Skapriddle" Because all the good names like Armantus, and Adrastos, and Hades, ect ect are taken.