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The owner of this space

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aion kinah makes great effort in the game, and we need make full use of it. Otherwise we may lose the most chance to enter into high level, if we lose this important thing. In fact we may often meet some troubles in fighting, and we need some arms. Arms can protect us from hurting on one speed, and we can get some extra harvest. This time is my first time to know aion, and I think I can do well. Now I will tell you some things about this game, and I think you can do well on it. Although our master has low sigh, and her character is low too.
At first I think you can know who is guardian, and his contribution is huge. Guardian similar to that incarnation of god, between man and god, between the management can do for the sacred earthly affairs of god exist in the aion referred to as the guardian of their mental and physical is far stronger than mere mortals, simply said to be enveloped with supernatural power body, and be free to operate a sub of the original force, because it forces you can use the powerful guardian of the capacity, or even wale up from the dead, although it is not eternal, as god is eternal, like the shape, but also regarded as another kinds of way to eternal life, and their job is to manage the affairs of mortal to protect people from evil forces who arrack with the beast, in order to guard his own his own people to fight. Mortal to the worship of god is supreme, the guardian is to give respect and admire.
This is only about guardian, and I hope you can know a new figure. From some simple introduction, I think you must have under basal owner who is, and I think you can do well.