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Eye on Community 09.11.06

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Smokespirit on server [GER]Thor asks:
"How do Clerics earn Abyss Points?"
Abyss Points, in general, are rewarded based in the damage dealt by a whole group. (A group being, at maximum, six characters.) A Cleric will not gain any Abyss Points if he plays on his own and heals the members of a different group, but he will gain the same number of Abyss Points as his fellow group members receive when they fight other players or groups. He also gains the same amount of Abyss Points as anyone else would when dealing damage and successfully defeating opponents in one-on-one situations.

The Medals distributed during fortress sieges are assigned based on Abyss Point ranking. One might rephrase the original question as: "How do Clerics earn Medals?" Medals can be used to buy items in the Abyss and are therefore quite valuable. Gold and Silver Medal rewards are given out to the top 100 players of a siege based on the amount of Abyss Points those players gained.

It's essential for everyone to be able to participate in Abyss sieges and other more or less voluntary brawls. While there is always room to improve any game system, we feel that the current Abyss Point and Medal system goes a long way to compensate players for their respective efforts. In Aion, we always try to encourage what we feel is the foundation of MMO gaming: playing with friends and grouping.

With the latest Aion patch, patch 1.5.1, are adding Medal rewards to Legions that successfully defend a fortress throughout a siege. The Legion's Brigade General will distribute these to the Legion's members, including Clerics. Not only will this allow Legions to more independently distribute rewards according to what contributions they feel were made, but we also hope this change will motivate Legions to take greater care in defending their fortresses.