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The more people they ask the more experience they get in the online game

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Beggar - The beggar class earns experience by asking people for DIL. The more people they ask the more experience aion gold they get.

It's the only class which will lose experience and go back down to Level 1 if they get PKed by a very annoyed winger. Enjoy their persuasive skills like:

Auto-Gear Off - one button press and their elite gear that they bought with your DIL, comes completely off rendering them a level one n00b as to fool people to give you their DIL.

Whine - This special skill allows the Beggar to whine uncontrollably making mobs and other players to drop ONE DIL at their feet.

Attention Seeker - This homing device will lock on to a high level player in the vicinity so it makes it easier for the Beggar to ask them for DIL, Gear, or Power leveling. Works in tandem with Whine.


All the skills in NMR get revamped once again forcing you all to buy more Master's Mistake.

Bagi Class Skill: Big Headedness - This skill allows their heads to explode from a massive Ego brought on by winning (or losing) PVP matches splashing any would be characters or mobs in the vicinity with splash damage.