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The ideal of eternal

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Rather than have entirely separate subsections of the design where players of one faction can group together and buy aion kina, or fight against the other faction and thus engage in PvP action, Aion will attempt to have everything seamlessly work together. Players will be able to choose from two factions in the game, angels and demons, while the computer will control a third faction of dragons. If one player faction ever begins to gain aion kina over the other via world combat, the computer controlled dragon faction will automatically respond by attacking the winning faction as an attempt to rebalance the world.
So far, four base classes are available in the game wizards, rangers, warriors, and a healer class that both heals and buffs allies. A total of eight player classes are planned for the final version of the game. Players of both factions will be able to literally, spread their wings and fly from one point of interest to another. As currently implemented, in game flight goes down strict paths; much like gryphon rides in World of War craft. Currently the designers are considering whether or not to allow more freedom of movement while in flight.
We got a chance to play as a warrior in our hands on time with the game, and played through a small portion of the game, taking out mobs in a shoreline area with the titular Tower of Eternity visible in the distance. There were a variety of different mobs wandering around the area, though none of the ones we fought seemed to exhibit the advanced artificial intelligence that was described to us during the directed portion of the demo, where some mobs would actively stalk and ambush you.