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Aion tips for items and armor

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  aion online kina is welcome in the Anion. The following points are just tips for the items and Armor in Anion, read and learn something from them.
  1. The types of items in Anion are divided in to three cater gorse, Normal items, Abyssal items and Draconic items. Abyssal items are received via PVP and draconic items will be available through crafting of items acquired from hunting the Baldur.
  2. All rare and above armors bar rings, typically contain a different amount of gem slots-Green.
  3. There will be some Soul bound items, meaning that once equipment, such as aion kina. They can not be treaded anymore (as made famous by ever quest).
  4. You can customize armors with dye.
  5. When some sets are full, they will glow around the character.
  6. Item uniqueness, let us take your situation as an example, at high levels, everyone will be wearing the equipment that provide the most stat benefits. In Anion, there is a system where you can transfer the star bonuses from one piece of equipment to another. Let us say you have the awesome sword by the name of the Zariche which looks absolutely pretty dull.
  If you want to buy aion kina , you will get the best fun in the game.