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The extra damage boost is great for finishing off a wounded or tough foe

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Bestial Wrath Description: Your pet causes 50% additional damage for 18 seconds. While enraged the beast does not feel pity or remorse or fear and aion gold cannot be stopped unless killed.

Commentary: With this your pet becomes unstoppable, literally. While under this effect your pet is immune to nearly every form of CC.

Its greatest strength is in PVP against classes that can fear like warlocks. The extra damage boost is also great for finishing off a wounded or tough foe.

Catlike Reflexes Description: Increases your chance to dodge by a percentage and your pet's chance to dodge by a percentage

Commentary: This is one of the few pet enhancement talents that focuses on tanks. The extra dodge is great for helping them avoid damage and building up their aggro.

DPS pets can benefit from it as well to a lesser extent. The extra dodge for yourself though isn't very useful in my opinion, but it's a free bonus.

Serpents Swiftness Description: Increases ranged combat attack speed by percentage and your pets melee attack speed by a percentage.

Commentary: The benefit of this talent is two fold. It helps your ranged DPS, so you will be able to use a deep BM spec in groups. You need to be careful though since the increased speed may throw off your shot rotation.

The extra attack speed bonus for your pet is also very good. This combined with Cobra Reflexes and the occasional Frenzy will make your pets attack speed incredibly fast. It is especially lethal against spell casters.