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Need to have some solid input for a test.

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Been chatting to some mates and we have noticed a phenomenon in the gaming industry of which most of my friends involved in this convo all play different games, i am the only Aioner, but they have all noticed something that i have noticed too...

There are bloody loads of women playing games now o.o i remember when i started out in online gaming finding a woman was like coming across a piece of Aerogel or Antimatter at the side of the road, it just didnt happen  now a good majority of the people i speak to on here are female what has happened in the female community to recieve this influx? dont get me wrong this isnt a bad thing, women playing games is a mega  and more should do it, just curious as to what kinda numbers we're talking about .

Bored at work hence the thought has come to me and actually bothering to find out.