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Stunlock type in Aion

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 General skills continuous skill in Aion, can only be used alone, also can trigger combo .All of this is the beginning of continuous skill, also is the first paragraph stun lock uses this kind of skill, can use or trigger the combo Stun lock have segmented proc, and if there is a chance, you must wait that can use, not after the trigger risk to represent only for can use, such as the third paragraph stun lock must in the second period after use, if the combo is triggered the third paragraph of continuous skill, it must be in the second period after using stun lock he successfully trigger when triggered, can use the third paragraph in game.
Special type consecutive skills (aion gold), this is a general skills can also can be when the double stun lock when using skills, but in two different conditions of use, consumption and cooling time is not MP usage as (in stun lock when cooling will quickly), Condition of continuous skill.