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Gladiator players in Aion

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 Gladiator players of Aion need what kind of qualities? When used in shechem, often face star quality requirements of the multiplayer game. Need and guardian star has broad vision, to protect players also needs and kill star as the operation ability.
This style of game players to recommend: hope to have a certain single game of the player chooses the coping skills (aion kinah). If you want to fight in the front, through effort can play in any position, so the professional ability is the most suitable for your sword star of the profession. Fight like a man. Not suitable for such style of players. Gladiator level is absolutely ordinary before the full career, if you don't like ordinary, don't like yibanyiyan that sword star also learn in your game was impatient. If you are like complex operation and high skill player, the death star, GongXing, magic word star, elves, maybe more than professional star sword star suits you better. In addition, his style of play, "followed by the choice of professional players of the negative is not suitable for choice jian star. Because of the sword star, must choose what weapon ceaselessly study using what skills, where, can make the highest efficiency hunting, the most suitable for his role to adjust. If you do not, jian star can easily be lame career.