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Something needs to be done about the languages.

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And i'm not just talking about the forum. It's going on in-game aswell, for a long time. You see, the servers are [ENG] <name>, yet when i look at the LFG i see 2-4 different languages there, all the time. This is not right, NCsoft needs to do something about this. It's annoying people and simply not respectful, so what happens? People treat those people unrespectful, like a chain-reaction.

It's perfectly fine to speak your own language in /l /g (if you don't bother others with it or if its ur own group). But why do people feel the need to speak Spanish/Portuguese/Turkish/Polish in LFG? Because they know there are alot of ppl on their server that speak it, doesn't mean all do. Apparently it's too much to ask to bring up the respect to just speak a language that everyone understands (aka English).

I know for a fact, that one my server are alot of Dutch people aswell (i am Dutch). Yet, you never see any Dutch in LFG unless accidently typed there instead of /l or /g.

Now, i don't want to turn this thread into a flamewar. I just want to discuss this with people, so if you're "one of those" and feel the need to complain that you have every right to speak the language you want because it isn't written anywhere you should, buzz off.