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Server Populations and Trying to find a group...

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Hi All,

First of all I want to say that this is no way intended to be a QQ thread or a pop at NCsoft or anything like that. I personally think the game companies do a great job handling all the issues that arise and don't want to be seen as having a go. I've been playing the game for 2 months now (being a former WoW and GW player for years). I am an MMO addict to be honest, no other genre on game gets me hooked in the same way.

I really like Aion and I really do think its one of the best MMO's I have played but I have encountered a demoralising problem to be honest. This has probably been raised in another thread but I wanted to put my opinion across in the hope that a GM or community member of staff see's it.

I have checked the server statistics and all servers have a very, very low population of people over level 30. This in turn makes getting a group for anything at all a very long and very boring process. To be honest, at the minute I feel like I'm paying a subscription fee to stand around spamming the LFG channel.

A lot of people say "go solo grind" but for me this isn't what an MMO is about (the clue is in the name  )

I've read a lot of people commenting about a proposed server merge, but i haven't read anything official on this (forgive me if I missed it)

What is happening with this and are there any other plans in place to improve server populations?

At the end of the day...

I really, really like Aion and honestly don't want to end up quitting because of this problem (I am sure many others feel the same as me, I know some of my legion do)

NCsoft please help sort this out.