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So many choices in the game

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Characters come in all types (aion gold): male and female, large and small, and in any of 90 combinations of the ten professions: Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Element list, Necromancer, Assassin, Dervish, and Paragon. So there are so many choices in the online game. With hundreds of unique skills per character, which can be combined for players, the possibilities are mind boggling.
In addition, you can create up to four characters per unique the game account, gain two additional character slots each for Factions and Nightfall, and purchase extra slots if needed. New characters can be deleted and created at any time, allowing you to specialize or to have fun experimenting with profession combinations, skills, and attributes until you create the character that best suits you.
The game includes integrated support for guilds and guild alliances, with the ability to create unique guild emblems, to acquire guild halls, and to keep in touch through in-game guild messaging. Guilds can challenge other guilds to battle, compete for control of key parts of the world in alliance battles, and be ranked on a worldwide ladder.
However you do not have to wait a month for the next big patch to experience new content. Instead, the game constantly and intelligently streams new content to your computer in the background while you play.