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Level of importance

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Without aion kinah and low-levels is a pretty low option than grow up chars. The next I will introduce the level of importance in the wonderful online game, and I hope it can help you more or less.
What is most important, though, is that you learn about the market. Find out which resources are hot, and which ones are not. Track whatever items you are thinking about buying for your characters, find out if they are cheaper to buy, make, or even if you can drop them with the right team. Go on shopping trips around Bonita just to check prices of different items, and go on dungeon runs to drop and discover new treasures that you have never even seen. If you need, feel free to ask for advice on what set to buy for a certain build.
Many of the people you play with know a lot about the items you are buying either because they make them, or they have bought them for their characters as well. Selecting what to buy is dire.
Our golden rule is to never throw away any resources, because you can always save them in your bank so that later you can sell them, make them into equipment, or give them away to friends to earn favors.