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Share Some Experience with you

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 If Dream is considering for a new GA, we think we will be a good candidate. We help operate the Player Guides forum by providing some breaking news on Ultimate Pets Guide and making an sdmg calculator for all to enjoy. At the same time, we have been for over two and a half years. We are experienced and have different characters (aion kinah) from sword female to rod to duel to any male. We have been active and involved in different events.
We are trustworthy as well, and can give advices to all the new comers. Although we were scammed before, but we can share our experiences and use them to warn new players about other scammers tactics, we will help maintain and regulate servers as a friendly community with no bots, gold sellers deceiving others, and be aware of peoples conduct when they are using inappropriate language.
Since there has been a couple or more GAs has been missing and only one main GM is present in the game. We believe it would be a great opportunity to introduce some new GAs and revive the game in a positive way. We are ready to service.