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Do you know some Tips for Bow Ranger?

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 Just adding a little bit if you want to train or mob in 51, you might want to get into a party with either a white mage or a shield warrior (aion gold) while they do mobs you might want to stay behind and deliver some dmg making it a lot quicker for the kills allowing to kill more so u get decent experience.
It is just another way to level up if you do not have the patience but you’re pretty much dependent on the warrior/white mage because if they die you either port out you most likely die, since mobs down there will do a lot of damage.
Good guide pj just wanted to add that, also plz tell the minimum defense on some areas for the people that want to mob like on 51 recommended 480 physical defense high magic defense also because since having this will make them hit you 1s not counting the Critical dmg.
There are a lot of mages in this zone. We know is the 480 defense for map 51 and 380 defense for map 41. That is to takes 1s from monsters. Maybe it follows suit as maps get higher.
Nothing wrong with a black mage, it is cheaper and the guide for them is almost the same as bow ranger. But they lack the same defenses that the ranger lacks and despite getting a ton of AoEs, what good are they solo if you can not take the hits? At least the ranger is efficient 1v1.