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Rogues can stunlock anything

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 Partnering with their unique machine friends, the Gnome nation breaks bad on the tall folk of Azeroth. They are not going to take it. No, they are not going to take it anymore. Be sure to check out the special guest appearance by Thrall and Jaina about buy aion kinah.
This video is awesome. Even the Horde has to cheer when the Gnome assassin delivers a little something special to Varian Wrynn. My only regret about reviewing World of Gnome craft is that I can not do a voice-over for it. In a world where Gnomes are abused, one man stands against a million. I do not think that kind of cheese-filled voice over would be out of place.
Hence, the Epoch stops time and beats on until they are dead logic is like saying Rogues can stunlock anything 100-0. Perhaps a handful of masterful Rogues could do something like that -- but that Rogue would have skill and power on or above the level of a Dragon Aspect about buy gold. Epoch is a powerful lieutenant, but there is no way he could stun locks Taldaram completely. So yeah, in the end, I really liked this. It kind of made my day brighter.