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Experience about upgrade

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 Trade Attacks - It means shooting a fast nuke with aion gold, and while you are casting, your opponent can once hit you. Then you run a bit and shoot it again, making the warrior hit you again. You hit the warrior with a nuke, and the warrior hits you once. If your nuke does 1000 damage, and the warrior only does 500 to you, and you have similar health, you will win the encounter. And nukers usually have more total health than a warrior of the same level. Para Nuke - This nuke is useless for most situations as the paralyze lasts for less than a second. One potential use of this nuke is to use it on someone who you see as started their finishing attack. It will disturb their finishing attack, and prevent them from running up to you. Instead, it will prevent them where they started, giving you the upper hand. It can be used to chase someone just like the instant nuke, except the range is shorter, and the casting time is a little longer; the enemy will receive your damage instantly, but you can take some time to recover from using the attack before you can walk again. Hope it could help you more or less.