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Project for someone clever

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I thought of this idea after playing eve online. Why doesnt someone make a program where you can inport your account details and then basically you can access your player in a window and you can see what your chars stats would be when you equip certain weapons / equipment and buffs...

An idea would be so I have my ranger, I want to "quickly" see what its stats would be with full flash, +10 including bow, with the buffs blessing of health II and blessing of rock I. Ok great now I have an idea of what my char is capable of... now lets add, devotion, mau form and bow of blessing.

Now I can see what my chars stats are with this equipment and these buffs... on the right it would list your HP / MP / attack speed / running speed and all that jazz. For anyone who knows what im talking about if any of you have played eve online the eve program is called Eve Fitting Tool in case you would like to take alook.

Any serious programmer out there please consider this program it would be really really useful.