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Free and Manual Transfer Reminder

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Hello Daevas,

Free transfers using the character transferaccount service ended today. (That service is transitioning to a paid service.)However, you can still put in a character transfer request for a manualtransfer if you meet the criteria.

Addendum: Just to clarify, these manual transfers are free and not part of the paid transfer service. We are now manually transferring players who meet the set criteria, rather than giving everyone a free transfer ticket. Free tickets have the potential to upset the already delicate server balance we are trying to get a handle on. Had we used them, we would have ended with long and frustrating transfer queues for ALL of the players looking to move.
The manual process is designed to protect the server populations while still helping the players that are allowed to move. It is more labor intensive, but we feel it is a better service for those of you still trying to transfer before we switch to a fully paid service.