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On my way home, what I think

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                                                        On my way home, what I think
   On my way home, I think about many things. Before I got to the strange city, my little daughter implored me to bring her some excellent pictures. She thought I could retain the most beautiful scenery through my video camera. She never knew I would collect these pictures about the little poor girl who had the same age with her. To make her much happier,before I return, I also take some photographs about those beautiful scenery, the interesting matters and people in the strange city.
   Sometimes I think I should not let my little girl know something about the poverty. It may be no good for her growing.After all, she is too young. The happiness should belong to her. In her world, something like aion online kina is so attractive. And all the sadness has nothing to do with her life. I only hope my little daughter can grow up happily and own a positive environment. She may not know there something called poverty in the society. She is so younger that her experience is so limited. My little gaughter, do you know there also a little girl who is in the same age with you stay in the margin of poverty.
   The train finally starts. I do not know why at this moment, I am always with a heavy heart. Maybe I am too sensitive and easily affected by the environment. But I should get used to it. Since I engage in the line, it must be three years. However, this travel makes me so shocked. I think,the little girl has imprinted herself in my mind. This is the first time that I touch the people who live at the foot of the social ladder. Their experience and their everyday life make me horrible. Especially the little girl. Why she always keep silent. The girl in her age may enjoy themselves in the online game. How interesting the game is. There is not only aion gold, but we can also communicate with more friends on the internet.
   I am sure, the poor little girl knows nothing about the internet. Even though the society develops so fast, however, it seems to be unrelated with her. She is still living in the slum district, and suffered from the sickness. I will never forget her eyes. I always do not understand why the shade of melancholy settles in her large eyes. I never saw that kind of eyes. I think of the eyes of my little daughter. Every time when she asks me to buy aion kina for her, she will look at me with the large saucy eyes.
   Except sighing, what I can do when face the poverty and lagging.