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Not everyone is a chief and too many chiefs will ruin any guild

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Promote Your Friends and Guild-mates: Now that your ranks are all created, you need aion gold to spend some time promoting or demoting (depending on if you needed to add in ranks and reorder the names in the list, as a result) your guild-mates to the correct rank.

Not everyone is a chief and too many chiefs will ruin any guild. So odds are you will have some brand new members, some members who have been around awhile, some long time veterans or good friends and some trusted officers. You need to get them assigned to the correct ranks.

To do this press O and click on the guilds tab. If needed, select the little arrow in the lower right of the light to change the view so you can see the member’s name and current rank. As you will recall, there are 2 views. The last view you used will be what is displayed when you press O so if needed, change the view.

Now that you see a list of all members and their current rank, to promote or demote anyone, do the following:

Single left click on their name

Click once on the red promote or demote button

Wait for the yellow message to appear indicating that char has been promoted or demoted (going too fast will result in an error occurring)

Repeat the button press as needed to reach the desired rank