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My Online Game Experience

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aion gold in the game which movement is much like an arcade game where you can drop down to the lower area. As promised I have decided to write a short diary just to introduce you all to the 2D, brightly colored world of LaTale.
At the beginning of the Closed Beta, there were some minor problems and no one was able to get in, but everyone seemed to be in good sprits even during the set back. After about 1-2 hours of waiting the doors where open and a flood of Beta testers flew into action and by flood I mean hundreds.
Each area was full of people and yet there did not seem to be any lag problems which I was impressed with. This really helped some of the players due to the fact that it was almost impossible to kill anything because for every 1 monster there were 10 eagerly awaiting players to slay it, but enough of the history lets look at some screenshots etc.
We have the same generic levels of customization you had expect from most 2D MMORPGs, but I prefer the bodies of the La Tale Ely bases. In Maple Story we have the characters with heads the size of planets which can be quite disturbing on some levels.
After you have gotten through the character creation you get the opportunity to watch a prologue which is very similar to the way Ghost Online introduces the players. And latale gold can help you create character.
You play lris Livier whose role in the story is a mystery to me, but is of great importance because your journey in the game begins because of her. And if you need more latale money, you can contact us.