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Forming and Summoning

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Form the creature: Visit the Tamer, Breeder or Summoner NPC in any of the city, and choose Creature Formation. Now drag the tamed creature card onto an empty slot of the creature forming window. You can have up to 2 slots depending on your Creature Control skill (aion kinah) level.
When you form a creature, its name will be randomly generated. So far there is no way to rename the creature as you wish. If you already have a full creature slot and wish to remove it so you can form a new one, simply open up the same Creature Formation window, click on the existing creature, and click Cancel, then drag the new one onto now-empty slot.
Summon: Once you have formed your creature, open up the creature window and select the creature first by clicking on the icon of the creature you wish to summon, and then use the Summon Creature skill. Voila! You have successfully summoned a creature!
You can only summon one creature at a time, whether you can control 2 or more creatures, or if you are a summoned class, no exception. When you try to summon another creature while one is already out, the previous one will automatically be recalled in 10 seconds after the second one is summoned. You can recall your creature back any time you wish by using the Recall Creature skill.