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Magician Training Spots

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 Positive war only two months guarding the remote control skills captures the spirit of destruction. They do not capture the past, and the guard distance is not difficult to play, said plug-guard Meng, true, Department of Physics of the melee combat is a big heart, but the remote job has its advantages can not be afraid. Special attention is about aion gold: will open a wave of very fierce guardian of the offensive, xanthenes loosened cable, quick shield solution fetters or open after the impact of surprise attack buff seconds over the bow, this time, if very close, and their blood is too small, can sleep response, adjustment of their position, make up a good child of the buff. Try not to double in the other braved his armor when using high damage skills, more use of highly toxic and wait on the double cone stand.
Kill or guardian of the essentials is the key to control the timing of the other open state to allow guard to follow in pursuit of their rhythm, how to consume each other and the state, or in the actual situation is set. That is to say, after the professional launched, there have with a variety of the different effects on circular base. And then you are in the team, log on with the revival of the monument. And then you moved to the patron saint of the whole room broke out.