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A Guide to Make Money

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 Meteor stone-- Levels up and armor piece, body, helm, etc. Once but after leveling your armor (aion kinah) to level 4 on the way to level 5 it has a chance of breaking but only after level 4. Molten rock--Levels up your weapons same at meteor stone after level 4 it has a chance of breaking your stuff. Blesses your weapon or armor, has no chance of breaking, but if you bless something you can not levels it up with a molten rock or meteor stone.
Cursed gem--Uncurses things but has a very high chance of breaking them or nothing happening. Hammer of hepatos--Breaks cursed items on purpose but has a chance of giving you blessed gems, cursed gem. Cursed change stone. Blessed change stone--Does the same thing as blessed gems but has a chance of breaking.
This is an example but you make some money. EX: Buy forest bow-150k--200k. Buy 5 molten rocks 200k-250k and 1 blessed gem30k-40k. That is about 490k if you buy everything at the max.
Use all of the molten rocks on forest bow to make it an lv5 forest bow. Then use the bless stone on the forest bow. After you do that the forest bow is 650k-750k you make a nice 200k profit. That is just an example we know most people might not have enough money for that. But that is how I make my cash.