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I know this is a daft question about 'contribution'

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Does contribution of Abyss Points depreciate in the same way that faction does for Legions in Guild Wars i.e. if a Legion isn't active for any length of time or doesn't add any contribution is there a 'rate of decay' that reduces the contribution (and so their rank)?

I've just been looking through the wizzy new website here and seen several legion names (and a few individuals) ranked that I haven't seen (and some friends) for months which means newer, more active legions have to struggle to get past the dormant ones.

It might merit some consideration (if it doesn't currently happen) as an incentive for the PvP legions to 'crack a whip' more during sieges to preserve their rank and also to give newer legions the feel that they can move upwards. As an extra factor (for the Dev's) the depreciation rate could vary depending on the size of the roster of the Legion e.g. more members a faster rate so the legions with lots of members have to work that bit harder (which is fairer - is it not?).